Who we are

With a heart to serve and an uncanny flair for bringing the best out of even the most challenging of spaces, Spruce NZ was born. Established in 2016, by a small group of professional stylists  wanting to transform interior spaces for affordable prices.

After seeing how pricey home staging had become these stylists started using what their Clients already owned, they went to work re-styling and re-purposing spaces for a smidgen of the cost. Not only did this free up much needed finances but it allowed the homeowner to remain in their properties while on the market.


Our approach is relaxed, collaborative and  will suit your budget.

 If you are thinking of going on the housing market   anytime soon or just looking for a style refresh,  look no further...

Spruce NZ, Auckland, New Zealand       Email: admin@sprucenz.co.nz      Phone: 021 938 380

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