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Introducing Tania Sproul from our team

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Over the next few months we will be introducing the various members of our team through a Q&A with each one, along with a peek into their homes and lives to see their styles and what inspires them. We love that our team here at Spruce NZ is made up of a variety of ladies with different talents and tastes. To start today we are introducing Tania Sproul who recently joined our team and has already been actively involved in helping our clients.

Q&A with Tania:

1. Tania, tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve been married to Phil for 27 years and have 2 adult daughters. I grew up in Christchurch and have lived in Seattle and Fiji before moving to Auckland. I like being creative, have an eye for detail and a passion for taking ordinary things and making them beautiful.

I enjoy the challenge of working with what I have on hand, both for my home and in the kitchen. I seldom follow recipes, using them as a guide but love to make things up as I go. (I do have a few flops). The challenge of using what people already have and helping them recognise how they can transform their home without needing a big budget, is fun and rewarding.

2. Tell us a bit about your journey and how you ended up at Spruce NZ

I was employed in early childhood, when a friend who worked for Heather from Spruce NZ e-mailed me to say "I think I have your dream job."

With my passion for creating function and beauty out of anything, it was an opportunity I couldn't turn down. Styling and de-cluttering is in my DNA I like to be organised and have clear spaces, only having visible the things that look good or mean something.

3. What is your role at Spruce NZ?

I am a consultant for SpruceNZ and am involved with assisting and advising clients in styling and de-cluttering. My role is to inspire people to appreciate what they have and show them how to style what they have. I want people to have the freedom to live in their homes in comfort but to also take pride in them - you can absolutely be functional and beautiful.

4. Tell us the story of how you put together your home decor

My home decor is based around things that I love and that look good. Function is there but above all I just love pretty things, I have never had a big budget for decor so am always on the lookout for items that capture my attention. I shop often at second-hand shops and re-purpose what I can find. In order to do this successfully you must know the value of things - you can seriously get ripped off in those stores - so I also often wander through high end stores and glance at magazines so I know what is on trend and what I can re-purpose to get that look. If that look goes out the next year it is not hard to dispense with those items and try the next thing. I love change.

5. What style would you describe your home décor as?

My style is slightly eclectic, but I kind of have a Beach, Hamptons, Shabby Chic thing going on at the moment with white furniture and natural tones. I like to change my cushions to create different moods and seasons. I use the same cushions and unpick the backing and sew on a new front - often I use tea towels from Freedom or Citta or table napkins which also make great cushion covers.

6. What do you love most about your home?

That nothing is too precious, yet it always look neat and tidy. We often have a full house and I know that everyone can feel at home in my home.

7. What are your favourite colours to use in home décor?

All things white and my accent colour has always been duck egg blue.

8. What do you love most about this job?

Inspiring people to live well. Sometimes we get stuck with how things look so providing fresh eyes can be invaluable. I love that when I show a client how a bed can be styled they can run with that and do the same in all their bedrooms.

We hope you enjoyed hearing from Tania, contact us if you would love to have her come help you in your home!


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